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Roller Coaster

No Limits 2 is the ultimate roller coaster simulation. Ride real coasters in glorious Virtual Reality with accurately mapped fast movement on our haptic feedback motion platform.

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Room Scale

Our Virtual Reality platform of choice is the HTC Vive, this allows us to put together a bespoke experience for your special event's. You can immerse yourself and friends in all sorts of Virtual Reality experiences. Most popular are Educational, First Person Shooters, Horror and children's App's. More and more software is becoming available and we love to put bespoke experience's together for our client's.

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Live for Speed is an amazing, realistic racing car experience. Race against fast Artificial Intelligence opponents across a range of challenging tracks. The Virtual Reality is mapped fantastically well with our haptic feedback motion platform, feel all the bumps and try not to crash.

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Our Virtual Reality experiences are not suitable for everyone. A disclaimer must be signed before using our experiences. harnessVR and it's representative's have appropriate insurances, copies available upon request.